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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weather - Clouds, Water Cycle, Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes

  1. Usborne's First Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Our World - pgs. 16-19
  2. Fluffy, Flat, and Wet: A Book About Clouds - Rau
  3. The Kid's Book of Weather Forecasting - Breen
  4. Clouds Mini Helper
  5. Cloud Chart
  1. Make a Tornado
  2. Make a Rainbow
  3. Make a Cloud
  4. Rain in a Jar
  5. Hurricane Mini-book
  6. Weather Book
  7. Chart Weather Daily - clouds, temperature, etc.
  8. Photos and Videos of Our Experiments/Projects
  1. ID a Cloud
  2. Weather Maker
  3. WeatherLizard Quiz
  4. Wind Interactive
  5. Water Cycle Interactive
  6. Hurricane Interactive
  7. Tornado Interactive
  1. All About Wind & Clouds / Hurricanes & Tornadoes / All About Rain, Sleet & Snow / All About Climate & Seasons - Schlessinger Science Library (library)
  2. Bill Nye Videos: Wind; Storms; Water Cycle
  3. Weather Song
  4. Brain Pop - Thunderstorms
  5. Brain Pop - Rainbows
  6. Brain Pop - Hurricanes
  7. Brain Pop - Tornadoes
  8. Fog
  1. Weather Games
  2. Weather Activities
  3. Cloud Maker
  4. Weather File Folder Game

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