Monday, September 28, 2009

Teaching Creation

For our first week this year we taught the story of creation.  I used the order of teaching Bible that I had shared in the previous post, Teaching Bible to Children.  For questions, I ask ones that I came up with and those available in the curriculum we are using as a guide - Memoria Press' Christian Studies 1.

  1. Read creation story from KJV - Genesis 1:1-2:3; ask questions
  2. Learn and sing creation song daily
  3. Read creation story from Golden Children's Bible - p.14-15; ask questions
  4. Watch creation videos
  5. Crafts, worksheets and mini-book on creation

The last worksheet was from "Considering God's Creation" which is a Christian-based science we are using as a supplement.  It also includes the lyrics of the creation song that we sang daily.  The song is on the cd, which is included in "Considering God's Creation" teacher's guide.   Here is another creation song for free online.

Here is a worksheet to match the day of creation with what was created that day.  More creation crafts, worksheets and games can be at that link and also found here.

The mini-book we used above can be downloaded for free here.  There is also another, larger, mini-book that you can download for free here.

Videos on creation are below. Be careful which creation videos you pick on YouTube because some are based on other religions or pose as creation stories but actually mock it.

We stopped the first video at 6:18 because my daughter was confused that there was a lot of people - she asked where is Adam and Eve lol.

We also watched "The Beginner's Bible" creation video.  You can find a free printable coloring book here.

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