Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Cambridgeshire Academy is our family's homeschool.  We chose the name "Cambridgeshire" because it was the first known record of our family last name.

My daughter is the only child we have and she is a Kindergartner doing 1st Grade work.  I wanted a place that I could share her work and talk about our homeschool projects - so I created this blog for that purpose!  I also wanted to share awesome resources that we use, or will use in the future, for others who may be looking for good recommendations! :)


  1. I am starting Kindergarten in January. What would you say worked for you and what would you do differently? How did you choose your curriculums? Were you frightened? I am excited but also doubting whether it will work. Afraid of failing

    1. Well for starters don't fear because Kindergarten is the easiest grade of all! I would highly recommend that you read "The Well Trained Mind" by Susan Wise Bauer. It will tell you how to homeschool from beginning to the end (high school). It will also tell you choices for each subject in each grade, give you sample schedules, etc.

      Also, depending upon on what state you live in, check HSLDA to find out your state's laws for homeschooling. It is different for every state, but you want to make sure you are filing any papers you need to and all that entails. In my state of Washington, we file a paper of intent every year after the child turns 8.

      I was frightened at first but after reading "The Well Trained Mind" it took my fears away!! Studies have been done that no matter what curriculum, method or even educational background of the mother - homeschoolers outperform private and public school students in standardized testing in all subjects! You will be fine!! Keep God first and the rest will fall into place!