Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teaching Bible to Children

This is how we teach Bible to our 5yr old daughter:
  1. Day 1 - read the story from the King James Version and ask questions
  2. Day 2 - read the story from the Golden Children's Bible and review questions
  3. Day 3 - watch a video of the story and/or do a craft
  4. Daily - sing song related to Bible story
We also add in worksheets/color pages and/or minibooks about the story.  Sometimes if the story is long,  we split it up and concentrate on the first part the first 3 days and then go to the second part the next 3 days.  We have found this to be successful!

We are using an excellent guide that utilizes the Golden Children's Bible - Memoria Press' Christian StudiesI don't see a need for the student workbook until your child can read and write.  The teacher's guide has been enough for me and it gives snapshots of the student workbook page that has the questions.  It also has the child find the area on the ancient map and modern day globe.

The Christian Studies are aimed at 3rd grade and above but I have been able to use it with my daughter because she has a good foundation in the Bible stories.  For years we read from "The Beginner's Bible" and she still loves to look through it and as soon as she sees the pictures she can tell me what the story is about.  When she improves her reading - it will be a great first Bible reader as well!

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