Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Narration With Minecraft

K isn't a big fan of history and it is the one subject that she isn't too enthused about writing a narration for.  I had her evaluated and we were told her writing was advanced, so that isn't the problem - the problem is interest with history.  We were given ideas of doing history narrations a different way - acting them out, drawing them, typing them, etc. but then the idea of creating them on Minecraft came up and well - K was sold!

She did her first history narration on Minecraft today and it was awesome!  She read a section in Story of the World 4 from chapter 11 about Australia.  She told me a bit about what it was about and then she did her Minecraft creations.

The first one is the map of what Australia was at that time, the next 2 creations are easy to understand by reading her signs.