Saturday, March 13, 2021

New Curriculum - Writing & Rhetoric Fable & Worldy Wise A

I decided to add in a new writing program because Z needs something more, so I chose Writing & Rhetoric, Book 1: Fable: *Update - Writing & Rhetoric turned out to be difficult for Z to grasp what they were asking.  It really seems to be too much in my opinion and there are easier ways to do the instruction than what is in this book.  We decided to go back to Writing With Ease 2 and just have freewriting days for Z to indulge his creative writing talent.

He also is very interested in what words mean, so I decided to order a simple vocabulary program to see how it likes it.  I chose the older version of Wordly Wise, starting with book A:

*I also updated my 2nd Grade Earth Science with the rest of the books we used.  You can see that here: