Saturday, October 14, 2017

Future Software Engineer & Coding

Our daughter has decided that she wants to gear her high school courses towards being a software engineer.  She has always been strong in math and then had a fascination with all things technology and robots.  I thought she would outgrow it but evidently that is what she sees herself moving towards as we enter high school next year.  Software engineers average $93,000 a year, so I think we can rest assured this isn't time wasted!

We are looking into her earning college credit while in high school as our state offers that and it is free!  She wants to work from home until she gets married and she is in the right field to do so.  I will be spending the remainder of this school year laying out just how we will go about this.

She started coding a few months ago and absolutely loves it.  Most recently she is using Python but she did other programs before moving to that one.  Here are some book she has used to self-teach herself and some of her coding.