Thursday, February 15, 2018

High School Bible Survey

I had planned years ago to have my daughter use Starr Meade's, The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study, for high school Bible.  I decided that I wanted to do it myself, so I went ahead and got it and I'm enjoying it a lot!  It comes with 2 books for the Old Testament, 2 for the New Testament and an answer key.  I opted not to write in it, so my daughter can use it.

Grammar for the Well Trained Mind

We are DONE with Rod and Staff English, neither one of us could take it anymore and I was so glad to see that Susan Wise Bauer had come out with a new complete grammar program!  We have been doing the first book and it is great and we really enjoy the layout and ease it will be to go through 4 years of this.  Combined with writing, this grammar program counts as a full English or Language Arts credit for high school.

Rush Revere American History Books

I hadn't heard about Rush Limbaugh's books on American history for children until about 2 weeks ago.  There are five books so far and they have challenges, activities, games and more on the website.

The main website is: 

They also have a website for homeschoolers!  It has study guides and activity pages for each book that you can download for free:

We are due to the get the first book and audiobook and excited to see what everyone is talking about as many children rave about these books.