Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Book: All About Homophones

I've got a great deal for you all!  Until November 1st, you can get "All About Homophones" e-book for free!  It is normally about $28 but will be free if you buy something else.  Here is how it works:

Here's how to claim your free book with any purchase:
  1. Add any product(s) to your cart.
  2. Do not add the All About Homophones e-book to your cart quite yet.
  3. In the upper left corner of the cart, you'll see a box that says "Special Code." Type in these three letters, all in capital letters: AAH. Then click the "Apply" button.
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Head on over to All About Spelling's homepage and buy something to get your free e-book.

We use All About Spelling and love it and they now also have readers as well!  If you go through my referral links, I will be compensated for referring you and giving you access to this great deal. ;-)

    K's Drawings

    K made some drawings all on her own and I haven't taught drawing yet, so I was amazed at what her creativity thinks up!  The last one she said was a picture of her - too cute!

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Homeschool Room Redo

    We are changing up the homeschool room this month. You can click here to see what it looked like when we first started last year. We started tonight with adding another bookshelf, seeing how we needed more shelves to keep our projects and crafts coming up. I ended up putting the easel in front of the window since we aren't using the air conditioner anymore.

    We are getting 2 armchairs for the ends of the table and then one more simple black chair and we will finally have our dining table chairs lol. I've gone so long with the just 3 chairs but when we have friends over they don't have a seat and we will clean up the chairs on the patio and bring them in. I will take more pics as we finish the room. We are also changing the curtains to bright orange - the color of the paper tray on the shelf. I will do more pics when we finish the room.

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    LadyBug Life Cycles - Larva:Pupa:Adult Video

    We did several video clips while our ladybugs grew up the past few weeks! They went from larva to pupa and then to adult ladybugs and they are orange. K loved it so much and she is sad to let them go outside this week. I was going to keep them over the winter but then I read that a female ladybug lays 50 eggs in one day and 1,000 in its lifetime and well.....I don't want a ladybug farm folks lol! =0 So we are letting them free when we get a warm day since they can't fly when it is below 55 degrees.

    Sorry for the bad videoing on my part - I moved the camera a a lot and my camera is 7 years old.

    Here are some pictures:

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Lady Bugs

    We bought the Lady Bug Land and then sent off for our lady bug larvae and they arrived in about 3 days in a tube.  They were so tiny!  In just a little over a week, they have grown so big.  They are still in the larvae stage and we are awaiting the pupa stage and then the final lady bug emerges and we set them free. 

    Here is a short video of them in the larvae stage and we hope to add more as they grow the next few weeks.

    Here are the life stages of a lady bug, as you can see ours are still in the larvae stage:

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    Lift the Lid on Mummies Fun!

    K has been wanting the "Lift the Lid on Mummies" kit for a while and we finally got it and she loved putting it together. She had to place the 4 organs into the proper canopic jars and then wrap the mummy and place the amulets. It really helped her understand more about the mummification process and she brings it out to play with every now and then. It came with a book as well on mummies and a cat mummy that was a pain to put together! I had to use hot glue in the end to make it stick lol.

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Week 1 - Living/Non-Living & Cells

    Our first week of our Human Body study is covering what is living and non-living and cells.  Here is my outline that I created for us to follow - I hope to do these each week if time permits! 

    Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia - pgs. 10-13

    RSO (Real Science Odyssey) Labs
    Units 1 & 2 - Signs of Life; Plot Study; Egg is a Cell; Plant and Animal Cells Differ


    "What's Alive?" by Kathleen Zoehfeld
    "Enjoy Your Cells" by Fran Balkwill & Mic Rolph
    "The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body" - pgs. 4-7

    1st Grade Science - Human Body

    Here is a full 6-week curriculum for the Human Body that I created.  You can click on each for that week's full outline.  Enjoy! ;-)
    1. Living/Non-Living & Cells
    2. Skeletal System & Muscular System
    3. Nervous System, Brain & Senses
    4. Circulatory System & Respiratory System
    5. Digestive System & Urinary System
    6. Skin & Hair & Nails