Thursday, June 28, 2012

2nd Grade Completion Planning Update

It has been a fight to finish 2nd grade after many setbacks with this pregnancy but we are nearing the end!  We finished up Saxon Math 2 last week and are taking a break from math until August.  I decided to do a quick update to show our estimated completion dates for each subject leftover:

First Language Lessons 2 - this Saturday or Monday
All About Spelling 2 - July 10
Writing With Ease 2 - July 18 or if I do it on Saturdays, we will be done by July 14

With science, we will keep doing it through the summer and starting chemistry in September.  With history, we have anywhere from 18-30 days left, depending on if we want to expand the chapters, do crafts or if we miss some days.  I think we will spend more time on history and science once the above subjects are all done and complete.

With K's reading lists, she only has one more book to read on her 2nd grade morning reading list and then a few left on the evening list and she will probably finish both lists by August and start the 3rd grade lists then.  We have loads of parent read-a-louds we are reading and plan on reading, so we won't finish that list until possibly mid-August to close the book on 2nd grade.

*Here is K's list of all the books she read in the morning assigned reading time, books that were at or above her reading level: