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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2nd Grade Earth Science

Z has been loving Earth Science!  I made my own blend of various topics and utilized books we own, library books, DVDs, lots of YouTube videos and games.  Here are the topics I picked to divide up our studies:

Earth Science Topics

Earth - inside the earth, rotation/revolution/orbit, seasons, atmosphere
Weather - water cycle, rain, snow, rainbows, clouds, wind, storms, lightning/thunder, tornadoes, hurricanes

Rocks & Fossils

Earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, avalanche

Rivers, waterfalls, floods, monsoon, lakes, ponds, etc.

Oceans - seashore, seas, under the sea in relation to earth science

Under the ground, caves, caverns

Desert, grasslands, rainforests, polar

Cities/towns, resources, pollution

I'm amazed at how well it is going and all the materials I have found to supplement each topic!  Here are some pictures of things I've utilized to teach and include in our studies:

Here are some more books we read already that I forgot to get photos of from the library:

We did a very in-depth study of the ocean in August and then actually went to the ocean in September!

I had some ocean things already but we bought several more at the ocean to keep with our collection for future ocean study:

Books about our caves/caverns and underground study:

We had a lot of books about the different biomes:

There wasn't much I could find on natural resources:

That completes our earth science study!  We will be following it up with a study on astronomy.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

K's Updated Transcript

K still has 11th and 12th grade to go but I went ahead and updated her transcript to reflect all the changes we've made.  I didn't realize that Saxon Algebra 2 and Advanced Mathematics books are HONORS courses.  Also, you will see that with Saxon courses, you need to break them down into separate categories as the books are not typical 1-yr courses but they contain geometry, trig and pre-calculus as well and that is reflected in the name and credits below.

Here's what left for what grade:

11th Grade
English III
Saxon Advanced Math
US Govt
Christian Psychology

12th Grade
English IV
Saxon Advanced Math
Personal Finance
Civics/Constitutional Law
Church History