Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2nd Grade Completion Planning

Since I found out I was pregnant, we decided to forgo our plan to start 3rd grade in January 2013 and go ahead and start it as soon as possible.  That way, I will have time when the baby comes around Thanksgiving to take off about 3 months.  We had a schedule of completion for 2nd grade by the end of June, with most things completed by the end of May but since I was on bed rest for about 5 days and just now regaining my strength, we didn't do full homeschool for the past week and a half.  So, today, I re-evaluated and came up with new completion dates, we do plan taking off a week in late June for my freezer cooking.

Finish by.........
WWE 2 - July 13
FLL 2 - June 18
Saxon Math 2 - June 6
AAS 2 - June 29
SWO C - this is on hold till we finish AAS 2

With history and science, we aren't entirely concerned about finishing those up in a hurry.  With science, we should finish Astronomy by the end of summer and start Chemistry in August.  Chemistry involves a lot of experiments, so I want to complete the majority of it before the baby arrives.  With history (SOTW 2), we will probably not start SOTW 3 until mid-August.  It will be easier for me because K will be reading SOTW 3 independently and can do that even during my "break" with the newborn.