Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun Dough

My mom sent K 2 Easter eggs that had "fun dough" in them.  I thought it was just play-doh, but it is actually better than play-doh in my opinion.  It doesn't crumble and get all over the floor or table and it is easy to play with, build with and smoosh and restart.  K made all kinds of different things even though she only had 2 colors and I thought I would showcase them:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cities & Towns, Natural Resources, Food Web & Pollution

  1. Usborne's First Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Our World - pgs.52-61
  2. Fossil Fuels
  1. None planned yet...
  1. Energy-related animations
  2. Coal Animation
  3. Various links covering pollution, natural resources, etc.
    1. Bill Nye - Food Web
    2. Science Clips for Kids - Using Natural Resources
    3. All About Natural Resources - Schlessinger Media
    4. Various Videos on Natural Resources
    5. Brain Pop - Food Chains
    1. Town Planning Game
    2. Energy Efficient Game
    3. Food Web Quiz
    4. Food Web Game
    5. Web of Life Game
    6. Food Chain Game
    7. Endangered Game
    8. Various Games on Pollution

      Ice & Glaciers

      1. Usborne's First Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Our World - pgs. 48-51
      2. DK Arctic and Antarctica
      3. Polar Lands
      4. The Best Book of Polar Animals
      1. Polar Regions Diorama from "Instant Habitat Dioramas"
      2. Polar Regions Double-Sided Wheel of Arctic & Antarctica from Animal Habitats
      1. Antarctica Crittercam
      2. Glacier Interactive
      3. Glacier Animation
        1. Planet Earth -Ice Worlds
        2. Antarctica Videos
        3. Brain Pop - Glaciers
        4. Glaciers on Dragonfly
        5. Various videos on ice and glaciers
        1. Penguin Game

          Monday, April 16, 2012

          Asia Lapbook

          Australia Lapbook

          K loves doing these!  I helped her cut out the pieces but she did the answers and glued the lapbook pieces together.

          Mosaics-by-Number Wooden Butterfly Wall Art

          My daughter loves doing mosaics, she completed the mosaics castle a few months ago, and this past week completed another one - a butterfly.  This one was very nice and wooden and she gave it to a family as a gift.  You had to match the color/shape by number and it was for her small fingers because I couldn't seem to manage the pieces! 

          Monday, April 9, 2012

          Baby on the Way!

          My life has changed the past few weeks with finding out that I'm pregnant with our 2nd child!  We have waited for this day for years and I've been very tired and we also had 3 weeks off homeschool.  I'm redoing our schedule to finish up 2nd grade earlier and then start 3rd before the baby arrives by Thanksgiving.  I will update with a new schedule soon hopefully, just wanted to give an update as to why I've been missing 'round here! ;-)