Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun Dough

My mom sent Katie 2 Easter eggs that had "fun dough" in them.  I thought it was just play-doh, but it is actually better than play-doh in my opinion.  It doesn't crumble and get all over the floor or table and it is easy to play with, build with and smoosh and restart.  Katie made all kinds of different things even though she only had 2 colors and I thought I would showcase them:


  1. This stuff looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing about it- hope I can find some! Your daughter did a great job with her creations.

  2. I wish I had kept the packaging because I don't know who it is made by. It was an Easter gift, came inside eggs and my daughter said it said fun dough. Anyway, she loves it still and I love that it doesn't make a mess woohoo! :)