Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Classical Education involves a lot of memorization for good reasons - not only will your child learn the art of memorizing but they will be able to draw upon their memory in the future in different ways.  Also, when your child recites the item they memorized to others, they are practicing presentation and public speaking.

For our daughter we follow this method for memorization:
  1. Read the item several times to child slowly
  2. Have child "repeat after me" - dividing into small sections at first and building on that
  3. Record yourself reciting the item and let child listen to it periodically throughout the day/week
  4. Ask the child to recite the item daily 
  5. When child feels capable, have them test it on their first audience - stuffed animals or dolls
  6. Once child can successfully recite as above, have child recite item to you and family members
  7. Record child recitation
  8. Have child recite item in front of others besides family

When the child is reciting, they should be still with hands to the side and looking at their audience.  Also, teach them to be enthusiastic and put feeling and life into the words of the item!  I do this with my daughter and she has bettered her skill of expression.

For 1st Grade, we are memorizing KJV Bible verses, poems from grammar in "First Language Lessons" along with various lists in history, science, etc.

Below is a free book download online that includes ideas for memorization in the Grammar stage of Classical Education.


Remember - make it fun!  Get excited and your child will follow suit!

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