Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Math & Science

Math was probably my worst subject and one I still detest! However, my daughter is very good at Math and probably will do the second grade level if we see she is progressing quickly with the first. She walks around the house counting things - doing addition and subtraction in her head, counting money and quizzing me on different problems. I knew something was up when last year she started counting from 1-200 in the car a lot and wanting us to join in. She even got my Mom to do it a few times over the phone hehe.

I attended public school in elementary and middle school years and then part of my high school years. Two years of high school were spent in a private, Christian school of which they used Saxon math. It left such a good taste in my mouth that I knew when I had a child, I wanted them to do Saxon math! I had realized how BEHIND public school education was when I attended the Christian school - especially math. The dumbing-down of public education is also another reason we homeschool - also the fact they won't let my daughter skip a grade, whereas in homeschooling - you go at the child's pace.

So that is why we chose Saxon math for our daughter. We are using Saxon Math 1 with the manipulatives and will skip lessons my daughter is already skilled at and possibly start Saxon Math 2 towards the end of the year.

Math is something that you don't just do as book work and then that's it. You teach your child to integrate it into daily life with counting money, purchases at the store, weighing fruits and vegetables in the produce section of the grocery store to weights and measurements in the kitchen cooking. We were at the post office 2 weeks ago waiting in line and my daughter says to me "Mom, look! The floor has rectangles!" I looked down and saw that the tiling on the floor was indeed rectangle-shaped lol. Also, another humorous account was at the library with a Sister last week when my daughter says to me "Mommy, you are sitting in a U-shaped chair!" Don't you just love it seeing your child learn?? I DO!! How fulfilling is it to know that YOU taught them? How grateful I am to have this opportunity and I thank God also for this.

I knew what I wanted to use for Science and it didn't necessarily go along with the History as "The Well Trained Mind" suggested but nevertheless, I'm still going the route I chose.

If you haven't heard of Apologia Science, let me introduce you! It is Christian-based and from the reviews it is one of the best. I wanted a strictly Christian-based science for my daughter because there is just so much in science that is taught incorrectly in public education and even a lot of homeschool curriculum. I want her to understand and know the Mighty Creator of the Universe and to see His hands in the beauty of creation! This strong foundation will give her the tools needed to prepare her for the opposing view (Evolution) later in life. Her mind will have been conditioned to not just look at a tree and its parts, but to also see God's hand in the intricate details of His creation! You should watch your child is learning in this subject as most secular educators leave out the mighty Creator altogether and thus - science is left incomplete. You are responsible for what they learn, whether or not you are the one teaching them! God will not leave you unaccountable.

Knowing I was using Apologia's elementary science, I had to determine what one we would start with. I let my daughter choose and she chose Apologia Astronomy. She loves looking at the stars at night and is fascinated by them and I bought her the solar system to hang from her ceiling, along with a stars and the moon glow-in-the-dark set! We also have a globe that with a flick of the switch turns into the constellations.

There are projects with the Apologia Astronomy and one includes making your own solar system - a hands-on approach that I love. Along with other other projects that will give her a greater understanding of God's mighty universe!

We are supplementing the Apologia Astronomy with "Considering God's Creation". This again, is another hands-on, Christian-based science and comes with a CD that has songs and poems.

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  1. It is wonderful to hear that your daughter excels at math. As a retired teacher I have been putting together a collection of materials to help all kids. I sure would love to hear any ideas you our your daughter have for me.

    The new blog design is Fab!