Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reading & Spelling

I have used other reading programs that have shown to be very slow in the coming and just didn't work for my daughter (they actually made her very frustrated).  I tried a different approach and found success so far with it and my daughter can now read Bob books - slowly, but it will improve with increased phonics learning.  Reading is probably the biggest subject (as far as material covered) that we will do this year. 

Our phonics reading program is "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading".  We plan on doing 2 lessons a day to get caught up on the program by the middle of the school year.

She will be learning spelling as we go along in the book and by the middle of the school year, we will start a spelling program from Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout A. When she has finished this, we will continue on with "Spelling Workout B".

For readers, we are using Bob Books Sets 1-5, Abeka Little books and Little Owl books and Christian Light's 1st Grade Reader "I Wonder".

Read alouds
will be not only stories from Bible class and History, but we are supplementing with books that go along with what she is learning in History; ancient times, Egyptian topics, etc.  My husband will be reading her the complete Chronicles of Narnia book series with her.  I also have some audiobook classics & KJV audio that I started playing when she is doing crafts, playing or cleaning in her room.

For extra read alouds, I will be reading a few of Rod and Staff's little jewel books: Helping Mother, God Gave us Father and Mother, Molly Helps Mother, God Loves Me, and God's Happy Family.

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