Sunday, December 11, 2011

New American Cursive 1 Completion

K finished the first book of New American Cursive and wrote a thank you letter to her teacher - me! :-)  She loved doing cursive and what it made it so fun was Mr. Meerkat!

We are now going to be starting the 2nd book, which is review and practice on fluidity of letters and it also includes famous quotations and scripture.  However, the scripture isn't KJV, so we are making our own scripture exercises with the software.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tangrams Creation

K loves playing with the tangrams that came with the Saxon Math manipulative kit, even when we are not doing homeschool.  She made an awesome picture last night and I had to take a pic!  She made this up on her own and amazed us.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SOTW 2: Chapter 9 - Japanese Food

We did chapter 9 in SOTW 2 today on Japan.  One of the projects was to make a Japanese meal but I had no clue on how to do this, so I thought going to a Japanese restaurant would be a good place to start.  We had one locally and as soon as we sat down they gave us Miso soup.  My daughter loved this soup, so I have to figure out how to make it.

I've only had Sushi once when I was in Hawaii and at the time I didn't know it was raw fish.  I ventured out tonight and had some, but I had it deep-fried, thinking that makes it cooked right?

I ordered a meal called Ichiro, which was sushi, crab and avocado deep fried and came with some green and pink stuff on the corner of the plate.  I had no clue what these were, but I took a big bite of the green stuff and almost thought I was going to die!!  It was so hot, it felt like it burned my nasal area and I was chugging down water.  Then, later on the server said "oh, no you can't do that, that is Wasabi, it very hot."  Yes, I know this now - lesson learned.  The pink stuff turns out to be ginger she said.  They gave me some dipping sauce, which I think was sweet and sour sauce and then a tiny bowl on a plate that was empty.  I'm guessing it was for soy sauce?

My husband had Chicken Yakisoba, which I think is fried noodles with chicken and vegetables:

We weren't sure what my daughter would eat, so we ordered her Chicken Teriyaki.  They said it came in Bento, which we found out means something like a box of food on a plate.  It came with the chicken teriyaki, egg rolls, sticky rice, salad and an orange dessert.

Lastly, we all shared some Oreo Tempura......can I just say OH MY!  It was a hot, soft oreo inside what tasted like a funnel cake!