Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Molecular Model Set for Homeschool Chemistry

We purchased the deluxe molecular model set from home science tools and K already loves it!  She is a kinesthetic learner and needs something she can touch or do to fully grasp a concept.  Since we are soon to be embarking on chemistry for the first time this fall, I wanted something that could help her understand and came upon this set.  We have already put together a few: water and oxygen and will definitely be implementing this into our chemistry plan for 3rd grade science!

Here is water, which is 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen or H2O:

You can also see the video from Home Science Tools:

3rd Grade Curriculum & Goodies Arrival!

I know I'm not the only homeschool mom who gets ecstatic over ordering and receiving new curriculum!  We got our 45 pound box this past week full of 3rd grade curriculum and some extra goodies.  I snapped some shots of what we got and have yet to open them and go through them.  Then, I have to find a place to store them EEK!  We may need another bookshelf......