Saturday, May 18, 2019

Z's Completed Independent Reading List (Kindergarten)

This list only contains readers that Z read by himself, not ones we read to him.

Bob Books:
Set 1 (12 readers)
Set 2 (12 readers)
Set 3 (8 readers)
Set 4 (8 readers)
Set 5 (8 readers)

Abeka Books:
Little Owl Books 1-8
Tim Can
My Pet Tim
Gail and Sue
My Pet Fred
At the Beach
The Black Hen
My Pet Tex
Let's Play Ball
I Am a Rock
I Am a Truck
My Pet Dick
My Pet Zack 
Let's Play Dolls
I Am a Bee
My Pet Tom
I Am a Hen
My Pet Rab

Sounds Like Reading books:
The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug
Stop, Drop, and Flop in the Slop
The Thing on the Wing Can Sing
The Nice Mice in the Rice

MCP Readers
Stan and Scott Are Twins
Don Dole