Sunday, October 24, 2010

LadyBug Life Cycles - Larva:Pupa:Adult Video

We did several video clips while our ladybugs grew up the past few weeks! They went from larva to pupa and then to adult ladybugs and they are orange. K loved it so much and she is sad to let them go outside this week. I was going to keep them over the winter but then I read that a female ladybug lays 50 eggs in one day and 1,000 in its lifetime and well.....I don't want a ladybug farm folks lol! =0 So we are letting them free when we get a warm day since they can't fly when it is below 55 degrees.

Sorry for the bad videoing on my part - I moved the camera a a lot and my camera is 7 years old.

Here are some pictures:

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