Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd Grade Earth Science

*See my 2020 post on 2nd Grade Earth Science here.

We are starting 2nd grade Earth Science, which is scheduled to last for 18 weeks but I broke down the topics into 8.  I plan on taking longer in the category that K shows more interest in or wants to do more projects/experiments in.  We've already studied a few things from some of these, so we won't spend as much time on those.  We are doing an experiment each week and any crafts or projects that correspond to the topics.

We are using the Usborne First Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Our World as our spine.  I plan on listing all the resources for each as we go like I did with the human body study.
  1. Earth, atmosphere, day/night and seasons
  2. Weather (clouds, rainbows, water cycle, storms, tornadoes and hurricanes)
  3. Rocks, fossils, earthquakes and volcanoes
  4. Under the ground, caves and caverns and mountains
  5. Rivers, floods, seashore, seas/oceans and under the sea
  6. Desert, grassland and rainforest
  7. Ice and glaciers
  8. Cities/towns, useful earth, food web and world in danger

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