Saturday, January 7, 2012

Earth, Atmosphere, Day and Night, and Seasons

  1. Usborne's First Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Our World - pgs. 4-5, 12-15
  2. The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth
  3. The Air We Breathe Mini Book

  1. Earth, atmosphere and rainbow paper craft from Considering God's Creation
  2. The Reasons for the Seaons Lab; Air Takes Up Space Lab; Air Has Mass Lab from R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Earth & Space
  3. Earth Mini Lapbook - Click here for ours completed
  4. Seasons Book
  1. Earth's Seasons Interactive
  2. Label Vocabulary 
  3. Brain Pop Earth Video
  4. Geography Seasons
  5. What Causes Earth's Seasons?
  6. Bill Nye Seasons; Earth's Crust and Atmosphere
  1. Journey to the Earth's Core Play & Learn Puzzle - Click here for the completed puzzle