Friday, January 6, 2012

3rd Grade Curriculum

We buy our curriculum every February and I love having it available so we can just go right into the next level in subjects K is quicker in.  Here are our choices for 3rd grade:

  • Bible - Christian Studies 2
  • Spelling - Spelling Workout E; All About Spelling - 5 & 6
  • Grammar - First Language Lessons 3
  • Writing - Writing With Ease 3
  • History - Story of the World 3
  • Science - Adventures with Atoms and Molecules I & II; Usborne First Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Science; Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia
  • Math -Saxon Math 5/4
  • Latin - Prima Latina
  • Art -Artistic Pursuits Book 3
  • Home Economics - Pearables Home Economics 3

Here is a slideshow of the order we got of the goodies!


  1. I found your post through the Simple Homeschool Curriculum Fair, and I wanted to thank you. I had not heard of All About Spelling until I read your post. I hated the spelling curriculum I had (it was NOT working), and was just going to forgo formal spelling this year, even though my 6-year-old really needed one. Anyway, I read up on All About Spelling and I ordered Level 1 and 2 for my girls. Thanks SO much!


  2. That is awesome Amy! We love it, although it is teacher-intensive, my daughter can't wait to do it and thinks it is fun. I love how it is very thorough and the review over and over helps cement the concepts for my daughter.

  3. Great idea to get your stuff early so your child can keep going when ready.

    Amy @ Missional Mama