Friday, January 6, 2012

Completion & Next Level Planning

We will be going right into the next level in each subject as soon as we finish the one we are on now.  I went ahead and did a completion planning on what we are using now and then also planned projection dates for our new curriculum.  However in science, we are waiting until next January to start (chemistry), I like to spend as much time as can on each year of science.  I also like to take my time with history, so starting a few months earlier with the next grade helps us keep it at a slower pace.

Here are start dates for our new curriculum, we will finish the ones we are on now the week before we start the new one:
  1. Spelling Workout D - April 30th
  2. All About Spelling 3 - April 16th
  3. Saxon Math 3 - May 14th
  4. First Language Lessons 3 - June 18th
  5. Writing With Ease 3 - August 6th
  6. Story of the World 3 - September 3rd

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