Friday, September 23, 2011

Roman Signum Project

We did chapter 1 of Story of the World 2 this week and Friday is reserved for all our projects and crafts.  The project we chose this week to do for history was making a Roman signum or standard.

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  1. We did this project as well as the Viking ship!! So cute! We are changing over to My Fathers World but still keeping SOTW because we love it. We are behind in the recycling bc I didn't start from the beginning but will get there!
    I had the same problem this year with getting science and history done after the long am w both kiddos in writing w ease and FLL and math... Im adding worldly wise this year too, but only 15 min of spelling. But may try your suggestion in doing it in one day. We are doing a co-op for fall and so we will see how that goes too-