Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011-2012 2nd Grade Yearly Schedule

We are schooling for a total of 32 weeks.  I've divided the year up into 3 trimesters, taking 3 weeks of December off and 2 weeks of March for spring break.  We plan on starting 3rd grade work in June, but may extend 2nd grade throughout the summer if we take more breaks throughout the year.

1st Trimester Start: September 19th
Trimester Ends: December 9th
Total Schooling - 12 weeks

3 weeks of December OFF

2nd Trimester Start: January 2nd
Trimester Ends: March 16th
Total Schooling - 11 weeks

Rest of March OFF

3rd Trimester Start: April 2nd
Trimester Ends/School Year Ends: June 1st
Total Schooling - 9 weeks

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