Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goals for 2nd Grade

Overall Main Goal 
K to write her own narrations and increase in fluency.

Other Goals
Bible - knows accounts well from Genesis to death of Moses
Reading - increase reading level; increase fluency and speed
Math - scope and sequence for Saxon 2 accomplished
Grammar - can identify parts of speech; able to write own narrations
Writing - able to write 2-4 long sentences from dictation; learn New American cursive
Spelling - increase spelling while recalling rules in mind
History - understands general overview of Medieval/Early Renaissance history
Science - understands general overview of Animals, Earth Science and Astronomy
Music - accomplished beginner piano and violin; able to read notes/music fluently; general overview of composers and classical music and orchestra


  1. These are great goals Bev. I really like adventures in Odyssey (all but great for covering the Bible stories) and Your Story Hour.(the Bile volumes.) The Story Hour are expensive. I only have Vol. 1 and 2. We have started on the division of the two kingdoms (Judah and Israel/Jereboam and Reheboam)
    We use the R & S Bible readers and they are really good. We use the workbook orally and it has work wonderful for covering comprehension and jumping into spiritual discussion that pertains to Christian living.

  2. We have a lot of Adventures in Odyssey but for some reason, she hasn't taken much interest in audiobooks yet. I do play audiobooks sometimes and make her listen lol. =0 I will look up "Your Story Hour" as I haven't heard of those.

    I almost got the R&S Bible readers but stuck with what we already had purchased from Memoria Press but still not entirely sure how I'm going to approach Bible this year.

    Thanks! :)

  3. We listen to them during lunch or dinner. It works great!

  4. That's an idea! Thanks Linda! :)