Saturday, August 4, 2012

3rd Grade Daily Subjects Schedule & School Times

I wanted to show you all how I plan what we do each day, how many days we do each subject and the estimated times for the school day.  You can view our yearly schedule and how I laid out the 36 weeks and time off here:

First, I plan how many days of what subject we need to do each week.  This is all according to how many lessons were in each book and then doing the math to figure out what we needed to do to finish within 36 weeks.

Days per Week per Subject
Bible - daily
Reading - daily
Spelling - 4 days
Grammar - 3 days
Writing - 4 days
Cursive - 3 days
Latin - 3 days
Math - 4 days
History - 2 days
Science - 2 days
Art - 1 day
Music - daily practice; 1 day of composer/orchestra/instrument study
Home Economics - 1 day

Then, I sort them into a daily plan:

Daily Subject Plan
Monday - Bible, Reading, Grammar, Writing, Cursive, Spelling (both), Latin, Math, History and Music practice

Tuesday - Bible, Reading, Grammar, Writing, Cursive, Spelling (both), Latin, Math, Science and Music practice

Wednesday - Bible, Reading, Grammar, Writing, Cursive, Spelling (both), Latin, Math, History and Music practice

Thursday - Bible, Reading, Writing, Spelling (AAS only), Math, Science and Music practice

Friday - Bible, Reading, Art, Home Economics, Music, Projects and Music Practice

K's heavy days will be Mon.-Wed.  Thursday is lighter but she has music lessons that day, so really it is full as well.  Friday is more of a fun day with art, crafts, home economics and history projects.  However, every weekday she will be doing bible, reading and music practice.  The weekends are free days or occasionally we will use Saturday to make up for a day we may have took off during the week due to appointments, sickness, etc.

As you can see, we only need to do grammar, Latin, spelling (Spelling Workout), and cursive 3 days a week.  We do writing and math 4 times per week and then history and science twice per week, alternating days.  You may notice that some days say we do both spellings, this is because we do 2 spelling programs: Spelling Workout and All About Spelling.  We can't seem to let go of either, so we just work them in.  We plan on finishing all the levels of All About Spelling by the end of 4th grade, and then we will continue on only with Spelling Workout from then on out.

Next, I plan in time per subject needed.  These are estimates as I don't know yet how fast or slow K will work in these new curriculums.

Estimated Times per Subject per day
Bible - 15m
Music Practice - 25m

Reading - 30m morning/60m evening = 90m
Spelling - 30m; 20m on AAS only day
Grammar - 20m
Writing - 15m
Cursive - 10m
Latin - 30m

Math - 30m

History - 90m
Science - 90m

Art - 60m
Music study - 20m
Home Economics - 30m

Finally, to get a daily time estimate, I plug in these estimated times per subject above into each day to estimate those days school time:

Daily School Time Estimates
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 5hr 45m
Thursday - 4hr 45m
Friday - 4hr 20m + any project times

We will be pretty much aligned with the estimated times in "The Well Trained Mind" for 3rd grade, which is 4hr 52m per day.  Those times DO include reading, an hour of which is done in the evening after dinner. 

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