Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Video Channel

Since Viddler has started charging for their services, I had to switch to youtube for my videos.  I finished uploading most of the videos. 

Here is my new channel, feel free to subscribe:


  1. Thank you for these videos! I enjoyed the WWE lesson immensely; thanks. I did want to mention (though it seems like an older video because your dd seems quite young in it) that the "telling back" that kids do is called "narration," not "narriation," as you're pronouncing it. Minor nitpick - off to watch more of these helpful "day in the life" videos. Congrats on your newest little one!

  2. You could blame that on one of the two - 1. My deep south upbringing, where we don't always say words correctly and where we waRsh our clothes lol or 2. My part-public school education. =0

    I'm saying narration, but it comes it like you spelled it, could be the way my tongue works when I say certain words? I know when I say bench, people think I'm cursing, so who knows.

    I'm surprised my husband didn't catch it because he is forever correcting my words (and grammar).