Thursday, July 26, 2012

3rd Grade Yearly Schedule

This is just an idea of what I'm aiming for this year, but I doubt we will stick to this entirely as I have a baby coming by the end of November.  Having a newborn with an almost 9-yr old homeschooling will be a whole new world to me, so I'm giving myself a few months after the baby comes to adjust before we resume homeschooling.

My plan is to school in 12-week blocks with a break between.  We also are only doing 4 days a week of the basics and using Friday for art, crafts and history projects and/or field trips.

36 weeks of schooling - 4 days a week = 144 days +36 Fridays of art/projects = 180 school days

Aug. 20 - Nov. 9 = 1st Trimester 12-week block
3-Month break for new baby
Feb. 4 - April 26 = 2nd Trimester 12-week block
1-week Spring Break
May 6 - July 26 = 3rd Trimester 12-week block
Summer Break

I like to school in 12-week blocks, just makes it easier for me to plan. The average homeschooler schools 36 weeks per year, which divided by 12, gives us 3, 12-week periods. Once you have settled on how many weeks you want to school, you can then go through your curriculum and take how many lessons there are and do the math, to figure out what you need to do per week and day to finish in time. I've included our daily subject schedules and school times in another post:

Even though we are taking roughly 3 months off for the baby, my daughter will still be doing bible, reading, music practice and math fact cards a few times a week to keep them fresh.

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