Sunday, August 5, 2012

3rd Grade History

We are continuing on with "The Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times."  We got the book along with the activity guide that comes with the questions, sample narrations, maps, book lists and various activities to go along with each chapter.  I also got the audio cd as my daughter loves to listen to it and we, as a family, listen to them on long drives or vacations.  Then, I also got the tests, which we do orally most of the time, though this year I might let K fill them out.

Volume 3 covers the years 1600-1850 which is a lot of early American history and I got a few books and paper dolls to go along with this time period:

I also got a few model kits that go along with this time period:


  1. Hi! I saw your video of the Elemental Science curriculum online which led me to your blog. I was also thinking about using the story of the world books. Just wanted your opinion? We would be doing Vol 1 this year with my 10-yr old. It will be our first year homeschooling. Thanks!!

  2. Yes, I would highly recommend Story of the World! They are awesome and the whole family loves them. You start at the beginning and then go through each level one at a time to get the whole "Story of the World." You can easily expand upon each lesson too if you want with additional books, online links, etc.