Sunday, August 5, 2012

3rd Grade Science - Chemistry

We will be spending the entire 3rd grade year on Chemistry!  We are both excited because who doesn't love to mix things and see what happens?  Each week we will be doing 2 experiments, looking up definitions and studying the science encyclopedia.  I also bought some extra things to play around with and may even get more kits halfway through the year if K really enjoys chemistry.  We also got a few games, an audio album with songs about chemistry and some posters/charts for the homeschool room.

For our science encyclopedias, we will be using Usborne's Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of Science and Usborne's Science Encyclopedia with Internet Links:

For the experiments and definitions, we will be using Book 1 & 2 of Adventures with Atoms and Molecules:

For some extra fun, I got a few kits

We got a chemistry board game and a game using flashcards for the periodic table:

Since K is mostly a kinesthetic (hands-on) learner, we also got a molecule set for her to play around with.  It really helps create a visual and understanding in chemistry:

K loves catchy songs that help her learn and I found an awesome audio album for kids about chemistry!  I've listened to some of the beginnings of the songs and they are all good, they cover hypothesis, atoms/molecules, compounds, being a chemist, solids/liquids/gases and on and on.  It is from Twin Sisters and contains 12 songs:

Lastly, here are the posters or charts we will be hanging in the homeschool room this year to go along with chemistry:


  1. Love your chemistry stuff!
    What do you think of the 3 in 1 kits...???

  2. I'm not sure, we haven't opened them or used them yet. Thanks for the comment! :)