Monday, August 6, 2012

3rd Grade Art, Home Economics and Music

For art, we do lots of crafts, lapbooking and various kits but we also want to go back and finish the first book of "Artistic Pursuits" that teaches art history, concepts and various projects:

For home economics, other than teaching K as I clean and cook, we plan on going back to level one of "Pearables Home Economics" and also hoping to start and possibly finish level two:

Lastly, for music, I plan on utilizing "Beethoven Who?" music teaching guide, "Stories of the Great Composers" book 1 with the audio cd, and K has been doing piano and violin lessons for over a year now and will continue with both.  I also have various printables, such as instrument flash cards that I will be using and an assortment of online games to do with the orchestra and instruments.

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