Thursday, August 16, 2018

9th Grade Curriculum Choices

I already posted our 9th grade plan here, but I didn't detail what we were using for each subject. Here are the choices in curriculum that we are using for each:

Core Subjects

English I - Grammar for the Well Trained Mind; Vocabulary from Classical Roots; Writing With Skill; Book list

Algebra I - Saxon Algebra I; Saxon Teacher CDs; Art Reed DVDs

Latin I - Latina Christiana I & II with DVD Teacher

Biology I - Supercharged Science, Biology 101 DVDs, Encyclopedias, books, videos, kits, etc.

World History & Geography - Notgrass History; Encyclopedias and other books; Videos

Traditional Logic I - Memoria Press' Traditional Logic with DVD Teacher


Intro to Aviation - Flight school online & Flight hours

Information Technology - Digital Savvy (CompuScholar)

Computer Keyboarding - Typing Instructor

Bible - MP Christian Studies III & IV

PE/Health - Online websites about health like, exercise videos/treadmill

Total Credits - 9.5

*You don't need this many credits a year, but my daughter may graduate high school early in 11th grade.  We are making sure she has the required amount of credits for college if she chooses to do college one day, or gets a scholarship.  She has expressed only being interested in an online college or tech school.  We are leaving it up to her if she wants to complete 12th grade but she won't need to.

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