Thursday, August 16, 2018

9th Grade Curriculum Choices

I already posted our 9th grade plan here, but I didn't detail what we were using for each subject. Here are the choices in curriculum that we are using for each:

Core Subjects

English I - Grammar for the Well Trained Mind; Vocabulary from Classical Roots; Writing With Skill; Book list

Algebra I - Saxon Algebra I; Saxon Teacher CDs; Art Reed DVDs

Latin I - Latina Christiana I & II with DVD Teacher

Biology I - Biology; Supercharged Science, Biology 101 DVDs, Encyclopedias, books, videos, kits, etc.

American History - Notgrass American History; Encyclopedias and other books; Videos

Traditional Logic I - Memoria Press' Traditional Logic with DVD Teacher


Intro to Aviation - Flight school online & Flight hours

Information Technology - Digital Savvy (CompuScholar)

Sewing - 12-week class w/ Master Seamstress

Computer Keyboarding - Typing Instructor

Bible - MP Christian Studies III

PE/Health - Online websites about health like, exercise videos/treadmill

Total Credits - 10.5

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