Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Standardized Test Results

We haven't done a standardized yearly test since 4th grade.  When I tested my daughter then she was several grades ahead and I just never saw the use of testing every year and it wasn't required.  I decided to go ahead and test and see how she was doing. Well, she did awesome and I don't know why I ever worried it would turn out any other way - God + Education + Love = Success!

Math was her best subject and always has been so I knew she would do well, however, I didn't know she would do THAT well LOL!  She scored 99th percentile in math and college level!  That is the highest possible score.  Saxon math is proving to be what I knew it was, an excellent math program.  I did the teaching for Saxon math 1-4 and then let the Saxon Teacher CD do the teaching for grades 5 on.  We added in Art Reed's DVDs this past year and will continue with both of these through high school.

English has always been her worst subject and I was just hoping she would actually pass.  Again, I was surprised to see she scored well above average and 11th-12th grade level!  To think she scored that well and we didn't even do past the 5th grade R&S English book.  I credit it to Susan Wise Bauer's excellent elementary programs - First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease - and her recommendations for reading.  My daughter scored at college level in reading and we followed almost all of the book lists in The Well Trained Mind.  It works!!

God makes the difference!  He WILL bless your homeschool!!


  1. Congratulation! To God be the glory! Thank you for sharing. It's very encouraging since we also use TWTM in our homeschool as a guide. Would you mind sharing which standardized test you used? I'm looking to test my daughter as well. Thanks

    1. We used the CAT (California Achievement Test) through Academic Excellence.