Monday, August 13, 2018

Latina Christiana I & II in 9th Grade - High School

We did Prima Latina in 4th grade, I believe it was, and moved on to the first book of Latina Christiana but never made it through, it seemed to be the easiest subject to drop.  I had read that others do LC I & II in 9th grade and then move on to Henle Latin, which was our original plan of progression.  Memoria Press came out with First Form Latin and did away with LC II but I had already purchased LC II and wanted to use it.  I also didn't like that FFL would have 4 books before being able to move on to Henle 1st year.

I'm so thankful to have come across this schedule for finishing LC I in 10 weeks but I don't remember where I got it from, so I can't credit the mom who shared it.

Week 1: Lessons 1-3, First Conjugation
Week 2: Lessons 4 and 15, irregular verbs Sum and Possum
(I know these lessons are far apart in the book, but Sum and Possum are closely related and
the lessons go well together)
Week 3: Lessons 5-7, First Declension
Week 4: Lessons 8-10, Second Declension
--Insert a review week anywhere that it's necessary. Once you learn vocabulary, it should be
reviewed at *least* weekly and any problem words should be practiced daily. Once you've
covered a grammar concept, incorporate it into *daily* recitation.--
Week 5: Lessons 11 and 12, Second Declension Neuter
(a light week, good for reviewing)
Week 6: Lessons 13 and 14, Adjectives
Week 7: Lessons 16 and 17, Second Conjugation
Week 8: Lessons 18-20, Future Tense
Week 9: Lessons 21-23, Imperfect Tense
Week 10: Lessons 24 and 25, Personal Pronouns

I think the key would be doing Latin *daily* (at least five days a week, and preferably at least a
quick grammar recitation on a sixth day). LC is very gentle, and I don't think this is an
unreasonable schedule for a ninth grader. Flash cards will be a big help. We add new
flashcards and cycle out old ones as they become automatic. Each week or so, pull out the "old"
cards and go through the stack for review -- if any are missed, put them back in the daily
rotation. Post a list of grammar concepts and keywords so that daily recitation consists only of
glancing at the list and calling off the words.

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