Sunday, April 22, 2018

9th Grade High School Courses

Our daughter is already technically "in" 9th grade, although we never really counted grades, but did so for this blog to help others in searching for things to use or age-appropriate ideas.  She is already actively doing some of these courses but some we haven't started yet.

Core Subjects
English I
Algebra I
Latin I
Biology I
American History I
Logic I

Bible I
Information Technology
Intro to Aviation
Computer Keyboarding
Sewing I
Physical Education

Total Credits - 10.5

Extracurricular Activities
Flight Lessons/Hours
Aviation Clubs
Church Youth Group
Church Devotional Reading (Public Speaking)

*Aviation along with flight lessons is 1/2 credit.  Sewing, Computer Keyboarding, PE and Health are .25 credit each.  Every other subject is 1 full credit.

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