Monday, April 16, 2018

High School Aviation/Aeronautics Ground School & Flying

Our daughter has decided she wants to take an Aviation/Aeronautics course, also known as Private Pilot Ground School and begin flying lessons.  In our state (probably same for others I assume), you can fly solo at age 16, and get a pilot's license at 17.  We live close to a flying school and small airport that offers this.  She will also be adding in drone lessons and get a license to operate commercial drones but first, she wants to complete the Aviation course and get some flying in.

You can find many Aviation courses online at various prices but there is also one free from NASA here:

We are paying for her course with the school because it guarantees you will pass the FAA knowledge test that is required to have before getting your license.  What she will learn in the course is:  Aerodynamics, how airplane systems work, weather to know, FAA regulations, principles of navigation, aeromedical factors, stall/spin awareness, and incident/accident reporting requirements.

My husband and I are excited she chose this because we are both veterans of the US Air Force and it only seems natural that one of our kids would have pursued aviation.

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