Saturday, April 21, 2018

Flight Training Complete - Ready for the Skies!

Our 14yr old daughter completed her indoor flight simulation training and is ready to fly from our small airport to the next major city!  The flight instructor told us that the simulation training is actually harder than flying a real plane.  He was very impressed with how she comprehended and retained the training.  He said everything he threw at her, she picked up quickly!  He also said she flies very good.  This means a lot to me as a homeschooling mother, because it just shows that our education method worked!  He is one of many that have noticed how well educated, confident and social our daughter is.  Thanks be unto God!

This coming week she flies the plane by herself, with the flight instructor at the side if needed, but YES, she does it all herself!  Takeoff, flying, landing - the whole shebang!  We are beyond proud and ecstatic for her and that she has found her element.  I pray that God uses it for His glory and to fulfill His destiny for her.  Fly baby girl, fly!


  1. Congratulations to her and you! To God be the glory, honor, and praise!