Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Opinion: Homeschool Tax Break

You may have heard or read the push to get homeschoolers a tax break.  The idea is that homeschoolers should receive some sort of compensation for what they do and purchase and they want to do it in the form of tax breaks.  Now, I'm all for tax breaks, especially since I pay for other's education and none of that comes to me.  Here is my opinion and you can read the ongoing debate at the NY Times here:

Benefits of the Homeschool Tax Break
  1. We get what we are paying for - homeschoolers, whether we like it or not, are paying for public education that we don't use.  With a homeschool tax break, we would get a return on what we pay to use for our child's education
  2. It would encourage others to homeschool - having the advantage of a tax break, it may spur others on the fence to homeschool their children
Dangers of the Homeschool Tax Break
  1. Government - I don't want the government telling me what to do, that is why I homeschool.  With this tax break it could possibly bring more rigorous government oversight into my home and regulations.
  2. Freedom - not only will the government give us homeschoolers more rules, but it most likely infringe upon our freedoms of what and how we educate our children.  

I can foresee the rigid rules and regulations coming ahead if they pass a homeschool tax break.  To give us money back, they will want to "check up" on us and I just don't like that.  The whole reason I educate my child is because she is MY child, not the government's.

Having said all that, I will have no choice but to be regulated if they pass this tax break. The way I look at it is this - I'm already paying for other children's education, it would be nice to know that money we pay for something we don't use, will come back to us to use for our child.  So in summary, we can get reimbursed for paying for public education we don't use BUT at a cost of having government intrusion on our freedom.  I don't know about you other homeschoolers, but I am tired of paying for a godless public education system!  Bring on the $500 tax break (of money I already pay) so I can purchase God-filled education for my child! 

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