Sunday, January 16, 2011

*Updated* 1st Grade Completion Planning

We got a LOT done this past week in homeschool, and I decided to work in a week off for my 3-month freezer cooking rotation in February - so I needed to redo my planning.  We have 3 weeks until our week off and then after that we have 14 weeks until the last day of school, which for us is June 3rd.  We are doing an intense next 3-weeks to allow for our week break in February and spring break in April and completion by June.  After these 3 weeks and our week off, we will have 14 easy weeks and you will see what I mean below:

We plan on completing the Old Testament by summer and then doing the New Testament over summer to finish the entire Bible before 2nd grade.  We read one story every weekday morning - we do Bible in bed upon K waking and she loves it!  It also puts our minds on God and starts our day off right.

We will finish "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading" by February 4th and that is just doing 1-2 lessons a day.  K has really advanced this past week and grasping it quickly.  She has also chosen to read during times she could have played and I'm shouting hallelujah about that!

We only have 8 lessons left so we are just going to do 1 lesson a day till we are done and will finish "First Language Lessons" by January 27.

We are going to do 2 lessons a day until our week off, so for the next 3 weeks.  From then on, we will be back on schedule doing one week a week and finishing by June 3rd.

We will finish "All About Spelling Level 1" AND "Spelling Workout A" before our break by February 4.

We will finish Saxon Math 1 in 3 weeks too by February 4.

We will be doing 2 chapters per week for the next 3 weeks and then after our break we will back on schedule doing just ONE chapter a week to finish by June 3rd.

We have 4 more weeks of the human body and then we will go into animals until the end of the school year and we decided to do plants in the summer with lots of hands-on fun!  That way we can have 13 weeks studying animals. 

As you can see, by February 4th, we will have finished OPGTR, FLL 1, AAS Level 1, SWO A and Saxon Math 1.  Then we have that following week OFF of homeschool and will pick back up on February 15th with the following NEW curriculums:
  1. Reading - K will be reading challenging books relating to ancient history for her 30-minute reading slot during homeschool time.  Then she will continue with her 30-minute evening reading of books at or below her reading level.  Outside of that 1 hour required reading a day, she can read whatever she wants.  I'm working on her book list and will post that when I'm done.
  2. Grammar - we will be reviewing 3 times a week using "Rod & Staff English 2".  It covers most of what K learned in FLL 1 and is great review and also includes a lot of writing to strengthen her hand for the upcoming 2nd grade work in the fall.
  3. Spelling - starting "All About Spelling Level 2" and "Spelling Workout B" and plan completion possibly by summer.
  4. Math - starting Saxon Math 2 and taking our time until June.


  1. Have you looked into using noeo science of Real science odyssey for science?

  2. Have you looked into noeo science of real science odyssey for science? We have used real science odyssey and loved it for life science. I thinking of doing the noeo biology curriculum for the second half of our first grade year.

  3. Yes, I've looked at both of those and we are using Real Science Odyssey for our labs.