Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goals for 1st Grade

Here are my goals for 1st Grade for K.  This helps me realize what the overall goals are and aim to meet them by the end of the school year.

Overall Main Goal 
K to be reading very well.  She is almost on a 4th grade reading level but still struggles with speed.  We hope to finish the phonics and increase her speed but not to the point she loses comprehension.

Other Goals
Bible - Know Old Testament main characters and stories; Understands character qualities and displays them
Reading - main goal above; narrations revealing great listening and comprehension skills with challenging books
Math - Scope and Sequence for Saxon Math 1 accomplished
Grammar - Understands sentence and parts
Writing - Writing neatly with correct strokes
Spelling - Able to spell correctly the words with concepts she has learned
History - Understands general overview of Ancient History/Geography/Cultures
Science - Understands general overview of Animals, Human Body and Plants
Music - accomplished beginner piano; able to read notes/music as a beginner; general overview of composers and classical music and orchestra

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