Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 Free Life Science Curriculums

1.  If you want a plan that is all laid out for you day by day for learning about the Human Body (Anatomy), you will love this!  I'm using some of the book suggestions to tailor our 10 weeks of Human Body study:

Little Otters Science - preschool through 1st grade
Otters Elementary Science - 2nd through 6th grade

2.  Next, this one is a complete Elementary Life Science curriculum.  This covers general life science - humans, animals and plants.  I haven't had time to review it and I'm not sure if it covers creation or evolution - from browsing through it, it seems as though it leaves both out, so check it out yourself before using.

Teacher's Full Text
Student Pages

They also offer links for each chapter here:

He even has a blog full of fun stuff:

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