Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st Grade Completion Planning

*Updated Planning for 1st Grade here:

This is my first planning draft and it will be adjusted as the school year carries on to accomadate sick days, days off, etc.  As Susan Bauer says, a schedule is a servant not a master!


We have 97 lessons left in the OPGTR.  We can easily do 2-3 lessons a day, so I'm planning for 9 lessons a week and we may even do some on other days to just get it over with.  I plan on definitely having OPGTR finished by Christmas break but would rather have it finished earlier than that.  It is a 2-year program but we will have finished it in one year, since we didn't start it till late October last year. 

If we take it really slow and easy doing one lesson a day, we will finish up Saxon 1 by the end of February because we only have 58 lessons left.  Then we plan on starting Saxon 2 on February 28th.  Some days we may do 2 lessons because K loves math so much.  I am giving her homework this year - the back of her math worksheet, of which she didn't do last year.

I think we are going to finish up FLL1 and then do R&S English 2 instead of combining them.  We have 55 lessons of FLL1 to do and should finish it by the end of the year or at least by the end of January if we take our time.  Then we will start R&S English 2 in February. 

We will pick back up where we left off at week 8 and will finish WWE1 by the end of April.  I'm not too concerned that we would finish it so early though because R&S English 2 offers so much writing, so K will not be without practice till the following fall when she starts WWE2.

We plan on finishing AAS1 by Christmas break since we only have 13 steps left.  We will then continue on with AAS2 when we resume from our break in January.  We plan on going back to Spelling Workout after we finish up OPGTR.

20 weeks studying Animals; 10 weeks studying the Human Body and 6 weeks studying Plants

see history schedule here


Music - Composers Study
We have 12 lessons in the composer book and will finish it most likely by Christmas break and then I will choose another music-related curriculum.

We have 30 lessons in Artistic Pursuits and plan to finish by the end of the school year doing one lesson a week. 

Home Economics
30 lessons here as well and doing one lesson a week and finishing by the end of the school year.

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