Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homeschool Shelf

I re-did our homeschool shelf and got our filing system a bit more easier to manage. 

Here are some of the shelves up close:

Starting from the very top, we have our Saxon Math manipulatives kit that lasts from K-3 and then our 3-hole puncher.  First shelf is some readers, AAS cards, OPGTR cards, K's piggy bank (we use the money in math) and pencils (of which I've since moved to a shelf K could actually reach lol)Second shelf is our "flimsy" books - workbooks and such and our organizer that I got at IKEA and absolutely love!  The trays slide out and in and even remove easily making it something I highly recommend for homeschoolers!  I don't file K's work every day, usually weekly or biweekly - so these trays work great for holding them till then.

Third shelf is our books, seeing how its the most sturdy of all the shelves, save the bottom shelf........we chose it to hold the heavy books.  Fourth shelf holds some dollar store containers I purchased a few months ago.  We have one for art supplies that go with Artistic Pursuits, one for Saxon math meeting supplies and others for miscellaneous items.  I went ahead and printed out several meeting strips and have them ready for our math meetings.

The last shelf holds the Saxon Math boxes and extra binders.  There is also some future curriculum items there and not pictured homeschool catalogs. 

I will do another post or video on our filing system hopefully.  We have another small bookshelf that holds audios, audiobooks, lapbook materials and supplies needed often.  Then we have a closet in the spare bedroom that is full of crafts stuff - I hope to go through it this week and organize it a bit more.  Then......we have 3 5-shelf bookshelf units in the living room full of books.  We have a whole shelf reserved for library books but sometimes we check out so many (I've checked out 100 at once) that we need another shelf.  We are some serious book folks around here lol. ;-)

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