Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st Grade Daily Schedule

*Updated 1st Grade Daily Schedule here:

We are doing homeschool Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Friday is our craft, projects, experiments, etc. day.  I'm scheduling for 3 hours of school time M-W but it may be shorter or longer depending on what we want to add that day.  We can always revert back to doing 1 1/2-2 hours 4-5 days a week if we want later on.  In my planning, I like having 1st hour, 2nd hour and 3rd hour.  That way we can have breaks after 1 hour or eat lunch after 2nd hour and so forth.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

1st Hour
Bible - 10-15m
Reading - 20-30m
Math - 20-30m

2nd Hour
Grammar - 15-20m
Writing - 10m
Spelling - 10-15m
Memorization - 5-10m

3rd Hour
History or Science - full hour

Projects, crafts, lapbooks, experiments
Art, Music and/or Homemaking

Evening Work
30m evening reading Mon-Fri

Nate (husband)
Reads classics to K
Family prayer & Bible teaching
Teaching K piano

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