Sunday, August 29, 2010

K's 1st Grade Curriculum 2010-2011

Our curriculum is pretty much the same as K because you may remember that I decided early on to stop in my tracks and hold off on pushing her ahead in grades

Bible - Golden Children's Bible
Reading - Finish OPGTR; books; click here for detailed post
Writing - Writing with Ease 1
Grammar - First Language Lessons 1 & Rod and Staff English 2
Spelling - All About Spelling Level 1 & Spelling Workout A
Math - Saxon Math 1
History - Story of the World 1
Science - Apologia Astronomy & Zoology 1 Click here for our new science

Piano - John Thompson's beginner
Composers/Classical Music
Artistic Pursuits 1
Pearables Home Economics 1

We have already finished several lessons in most of the books, so we will be doing a review the first week or two to catch ourselves back up.  For math she finishes Saxon 1, we will go straight into Saxon 2.  With reading, we finish the OPGTR, we will replace that time with the 20-30m morning reading of 'challenging' books.   With grammar, we are finishing up FLL1 and then going to do R&S English 2. We are also merging the spelling programs to work together.  I didn't list memorization because its under my post on reading but there will be a set time to practice memory work each homeschool day. 

For science, you can read what we are doing here.

History is one we barely begun (only in chapter 10) because we really did a lot of extra activities, library books and so forth and had such fun with it in K!  So we are picking back up with Ancient China.

The electives are really extras and something she will do in the evenings and/or weekends.  My husband is going to teach her piano with a self-taught program and we will see how that goes.  She is always doing art activities but I do want to try and get a formal art lesson in twice a month and then a homemaking lesson in once a week.

I also my add in some geography and you can read a post on what I'm using here. The history already adds in geography and social studies because we find the places on the map and learn about the people.  However, I do want K to learn the oceans, countries, etc. so I will be using those materials in the post I linked to for some extra geography.

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