Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Geography K-1

We are not doing any specific curriculum this summer for geography but rather a compilation of many different sources.  I had originally not planned a geography curriculum because I thought K would get enough with Story of the World and Bible maps but seeing how we are just dealing with ancient times, we needed something extra.  I want her to learn the continents, oceans, countries and major landmarks of the world.  I also wanted her to learn about volcanoes, hurricanes, mountains, etc - basic geography topics.  After much brainstorming, we have a plan!

We are going to use "Usborne's Geography Encyclopedia; With a Complete World Atlas and Internet Links" as our geography spine.  It is 400 pages and full of a wealth of information.  I found many, many websites online that offer free printables, flash cards, worksheets, and videos that will give us any extras that I feel we may need. You can find many geography videos on youtube, howstuffworks and of course the library.  Information is so readily available to us now, it makes learning so much easier and right at our fingertips!

We already have a great globe but I also wanted a wall map for K that would be fun for her to use.  We got this cute children's world map that is laminated, so we can use dry erase markers on it.  Then AFTER I had bought the map, I realized I had maps of each continent in my flip charts in storage - oops!  Oh well, who can have too many maps right?

Continents and oceans will be our first goal to learn and then we will move on to countries.  There are some great games out there for geography and we plan on utilizing those in the future as well.

*Update: Here are the other maps I already had that I had forgotten about.  One is a book with 50 detailed maps and the other contains 16 flip charts that are sure to come in handy!


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