Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organization and Shopping Finds

I stopped by the dollar store to get something to organize our homeschool shelf a bit more.  I found sets of baskets that worked great!  They come in 2 or 3 packs for just a dollar and as you can see they worked well - one is a catch all for whatever, the other is for her art pencils, watercolor crayons, etc, then one for my scissors, pens, etc.  I also wanted a basket for Math because I was tired of trying to find each and every item we needed - now all I have to do is pull out the math basket that has the flash cards, meeting strips, clock and coin cup in the same spot.

Then I stopped by Value Village to check out what books they might have.  I was so happy to find Abeka 1979 readers!  The whole set 1-20!  :-)  Aren't they cute?  K loves them and can't wait to read them.  They were just $1.99 for the whole set.

Other finds included some charts about the solar system and grammar, 2 Dr. Seuss books and 2 history elementary textbooks for us to use as an extra study guide.


  1. great deals!! love the baskets!!!

  2. I like the way you have your Math stuff in one basket. Can you explain how you use the meeting strips? I'm not familiar with that. thanks kindly. Sabrina

  3. The meeting strips are from Saxon math. Saxon math K-3 starts each math lesson with what is called "The Meeting." In the meeting, the child tells the time, counts money, does calendar work, etc. The meeting strip is the place the child writes down the information. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Hi! I have the set of Abeka readers from when I was a kid...all but number two "Bib". My son is a struggling reader, but absolutely loves these books. Any chance you'd be willing to share pics of the pages of Bib? He loves cats and I think he'd enjoy reading this one.

    1. Sure, email me and I can email the pics to you, or leave your email here.